Lauren Mengis_Edify WellnessI was the child constantly causing my mother stress. Not because I was devious or even misbehaved. It was because I would disappear from her side in the grocery store, only to be found with my arms wrapped around the legs of a complete stranger.

I’ve always loved people and their stories; I gravitate to them. More than that, I love getting to tell people’s stories.

I began telling my story through self-published (on construction paper) books as soon as I could write. I then moved to helping others tell their stories as a writer on my high school’s newspaper, then multiple college assignments and blogs before graduating to freelance features and cover stories for 225 magazine. And in my most recent full-time position, I got to tell stories as my career, writing and assembling a 40-page publication twice a year at the LSU Foundation. Now, I get to tell my brands’ stories through daily blogging, social media posts and strategic communications.