Conture Skincare

Conture Skincare was a brand in its infancy when I began working with it. The brand was less than six months old, and had fewer than 7 posts on each social media channel.

I was able to develop a cohesive social aesthetic for the brand that walked the line between informative and entertaining, while crafting copy specific to the brand’s demographics on each platform.


Houston Radar

When I began at Houston Radar, the only social media presence the company had was what was necessary for their efforts — YouTube to add video to their web site, LinkedIn to post job openings, and Google+ by default of their email addresses.

In the small amount of time I was able to allocate to social media, I created profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and updated the LinkedIn and Google+ pages. Houston Radar is in the Intelligent Transportation Systems industry, an industry that has a small presence in social media, but is constantly growing.

Most of the posting efforts were focused on Twitter, where the industry had the strongest presence. Facebook was mainly used for updates, and Instagram for interesting product photos.

Mrs. B Collection

Mrs. B Collection is a luxury statement jewelry line from a Houston designer. Each piece is handcrafted in Italy by one woman. Because it is, essentially, a two-person operation, Mrs. B Collection is in a unique position to not want to grow their social presence very much, but rather maintain it as a connection to current customers.

Working as an independent contractor for a local PR firm, I submitted a social media analysis and plan proposal for the jewelry line. The proposal was accepted, and I began managing their social presence in September 2015. As directed by Mrs. B, posting occurred once per week to Facebook and Instagram.


LSU Foundation

The LSU Foundation is the primary fundraising arm for academics at Louisiana State University. I served as their communications coordinator for 2.5 years.

Before my time there, social media was not a priority, and posting happened once every few months. After deciding to take over the social media presence, I gradually increased the frequency of posts to Facebook and Twitter and created a post content calendar. When I left, Twitter posting had grown to once a day (at least) and Facebook to at least once per week. As a result, engagement grew, and followers doubled.