Texas Tigers

High school sweethearts Peter and Cheryl Fasullo know the importance of education and, as LSU Foundation members and scholarship donors, are committed to supporting it.

Unlike Cheryl and the couple’s oldest son, Thomas, Peter never attended LSU, but as an active supporter of his alma mater, Rice University, he appreciates the role of fundraising in a school’s success.

Cheryl explained that they give to LSU to help defray the costs of education. “We’re all better off when we have an educated society,” the retired professor said. “It’s our responsibility to open those doors for the next generation to follow because, as costs increase, they’re not going to be able to fund it on their own. We’ve got to step up to the plate and help.”

The couple met, as Peter remembers, on March 21, 1970. Though they dated in high school, their relationship took a break when Cheryl left Houston for another love: LSU.

Even with out-of-state tuition, attending LSU would have cost Cheryl about the same as University of Texas. “Of course, it was a no-brainer for me. I fell in love with LSU,” she said. “But, falling in love or not, I wouldn’t be able to afford it nowadays. So, my husband and I funded a scholarship for students out-of-state.”

In addition to establishing a scholarship in the College of Humanities & Social Sciences, the couple supports LSU through their LSU Foundation membership. “I really believe in what the Foundation does and how they do it,” Cheryl shared. “Everything about them is raising money for faculty and students. They spend a very little amount of money on the side. The Foundation, I think, has a laser focus on raising funds, and then putting as much money as possible that they raise into supporting students and the academic pursuits of faculty.”

While Peter is involved with multiple energy industry organizations and is a co-founder of management consulting company En*Vantage, Cheryl’s career and community commitments have always revolved around education. Having taught at the college level for 28 years, she currently serves on numerous advisory and alumni boards for LSU and the University of Houston and was the Humanities & Social Sciences representative on the Forever LSU Campaign steering committee. She shared, “I’m totally committed to the work that the Foundation does.”

Published in Cornerstone Summer and Fall 2015.

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