Meet Dr. Alexander

Barely half a year into his LSU career, President and Chancellor Dr. F. King Alexander has proved (multiple times over) that he is exactly what LSU needs—and that funding for the university is a top priority.

  1. “Hi. Let me help you with that. You’ll love it here! Welcome home,” read the purple shirt he wore this year on LSU’s Move-in Day. He visited with families across campus while helping to tow their students’ belongings up flights of stairs in residential halls.
  2. In 2011, Alexander was selected by President Obama to serve on a domestic policy committee, providing counsel on higher education policy. As a participant, he emphasized the importance of institutional efficiency and effectiveness, re-enrolling college drop-outs, and redefining the term “land-grant university” for the 21st century. “We need a new federal and state partnership, like the initial one, that uses federal funding or incentives to reverse states’ disinvestment in higher education,” Alexander said.
  3. Since landing in Louisiana, he has leapt to meet students, alumni and donors, both locally and nationally, along with LSU chancellors, deans, directors and researchers. Alexander listens carefully to everyone he meets, responding to both praise and concerns for LSU.
  4. He believes in quality, affordable education and has said, “LSU is a great bargain and value. Its affordability is a strong advantage, especially with TOPS and all the other types of student aid available … Because LSU is so affordable, its students graduate with less debt, making the rate of return for LSU grads probably among the best in the country.”
  5. Fieldon King Alexander was born in Kentucky, was raised in north Florida, and bleeds purple and gold.

“LSU has a lot to be proud of. We need to make sure everybody knows about it. We need to make sure everybody knows that they are also beneficiaries of each and every graduate that graduates from this institution.”

LSU President and Chancellor Dr. F. King Alexander, LSU Executive Education Breakfast to Business event

Published in Cornerstone Winter 2013 and Spring 2014.

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